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Aqua Safe home wastewater treatment plants have been designed and built by Ecological Tanks Inc., to provide long term, reliable and cost efficient service. Our treatment plants will operate with a minimum amount of attention, however, the following procedures should be performed on routine basis to insure proper plant operation.

OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY to operate the Aqua Safe home wastewater treatment plant to the best of their ability. To keep maintenance to a minimum and insure high effluent quality, the following items should not be permitted to enter the treatment plant:

  1. Strong disinfectants or bleaches, other than small amounts used in day to day house cleaning and laundries.
  2. Backwash discharge from any type of water softeners.
  3. Coffee grounds, chemical wastes, paint or paint thinners, oils or grease (such as used cooking grease), pet shampoo or pet dip disinfectant.
  4. Disposable diapers, tampons, sanitary napkins, large quantities of paper products, tobacco products, or similar items.
  5. Waste material from a garbage disposal is not recommended without the use of a trash trap or pretreatment tank preceding the Aqua Safe plant.
  6. The Aqua Safe home units were designed to handle sewage and nothing else should go into it.
  7. During extended periods of non-use the aerobic bacteria inside the plant will decrease due to no food in the form of incoming sewage. The treatment plant will become biologically stable again soon after the resumption of normal loading. Always leave the aerator compressor “on” during periods of non-use.
  8. The Aqua Safe plant will not perform to its fullest capabilities if subject to hydraulic overloading. This condition exists whenever excessive water, above the plants designed treatment capacity, is allowed into the plant. Leaking plumbing fixtures or excessive water use may cause this condition.

Ecological Tanks, Inc., is not responsible for the infield operation of our plants, other than the mechanical and structural parts of the plant. The proper operation of this wastewater treatment plant depends upon proper organic and hydraulic loading of the plant. We cannot control the loading of substances in our plants that may upset its biological balance. We can only provide a complete owner’s manual which outlines materials that should be kept out of the treatment plants. User operation instructions must be followed or warranties are subject to invalidation.

WARNING! Ants are destructive to the mechanical equipment on sewage treatment plants. Care should be taken to prevent infestation of ants near the plant. Damage or destruction of mechanical equipment by ants is not covered under manufacturers warranty.

Any and all safety requirements as to the electrical wiring, blower operation or plant discharge concerning the owner, their families, friends, or guests is the sole liability of the owner (see warranty and service policy).

The electrical control panel contains a schematic for the system. However, the electrical control panel is sealed and contains no user serviceable parts. Test and alarm silence switches are located on the outside of control panel. Warning! Service to the electrical control panel by a non-qualified person may result in an electrical shock hazard resulting in serious injury or death. If service is required contact your local authorized installer representative or the manufacturer.

Many States already require the use of a chlorination unit behind all mechanical treatment plants for total effluent disinfection prior to final discharge. Ecological Tanks, Inc. recommends the use of a chlorination unit behind its mechanical plants for total effluent disinfection prior to final discharge.

Baylor University Emblem The Aqua Safe Units offered by Victoria Precision Products, Inc. have been tested and approved under NSF Standard 40 and approved by Baylor University (under the name Ecological Tanks, Inc.).  

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