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Aerobic Systems

Aerobic systems are the latest in onsite sewage disposal.  These systems are essentially a compact sewage treatment plant.  Waste is aerobically treated and processed, treated with liquid chlorine in the form of standard household bleach and typically dispersed on top of the ground by means of sprinklers.  The aerobic system provides a homeowner or other facility with an alternative where conventional or other type septic systems won't function.  An aerobic system is extremely efficient and is rapidly becoming the system of choice for onsite sewage disposal.


The Aqua Aire® sewage treatment plant in many ways is a scaled down version of larger township and municipality sewage treatment plants. It employs an extended aeration activated sludge process. This type of treatment depends primarily upon the use of air that is introduced by passing through the diffuser bar.

Ecological Tanks Inc., Aqua Aire®. Wastewater from your home enters the first compartment of the tank where the solids are settled out.  Then it flows directly into the mixing tank where simple hydraulic displacement is accomplished by the introduction of air which promotes the growth of aerobic organisms in much larger amounts than would occur naturally. These break down the organic solids in the wastewater.

The Aqua Aire® model AA500-4075 is a four compartment rectangular configurations partitioned by internal dividing walls in the treatment plant. It is comprised of a forward pre-treatment tank, an aeration mixing zone, a settling or clarifier compartment and a rear pump tank compartment. Wastewater first enters the pre-treatment tank compartment of the plant, then gravity flows through a 4" SDR 35 PVC inlet to the aeration mixing zone. The mixed liquid then enters the settling or clarifier compartment and continues to flow upward to the discharge pipe. From the plant’s discharge pipe, the final effluent then passes through a disinfection or chlorination device into the pump tank compartment for storage and contact mixing. The treated and disinfected effluent is then safely discharged, via an application pump, to a surface spray, subsurface drip, low pressure dose or absorptive mound disposal area. The result of the Aqua Aire process is a clear, odorless effluent discharge, which meets and exceeds state and national water quality standards.


Aerobic Treatment System
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