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We offer complete septic system and aerobic treatment system computerized scale drawings by a Professional Sanitarian with many years of combined experience.

Site and Soil Evaluation

The type of septic system to be installed at a specific site is dependent upon a variety of factors. A site and soil evaluation by an experienced professional is the best way to determine the type of system that will meet OSSF Regulation and will adequately dispose of the anticipated wastewater load. A Site and Soil Evaluation is one of the basic requirements for application to construct an on-site sewage facility in the State of Texas.

A Site Evaluation is based on the following factors:

  • Topography

  • Existing and proposed structures including pools and driveways

  • Current vegetation and future landscaping plans

  • Drinking water source and/or water well locations on the site and on all adjoining properties

  • All existing fresh water lakes, ponds and streams on the site and adjacent to the site location in or proximity to the floodplain or floodway

A Soil Evaluation requires a minimum of two soil borings and is based on the following factors:

  • Soil texture

  • Soil Class

  • Presence of indicators of groundwater

  • Presence of restrictive horizons

This service is provided by  licensed soil and site evaluator and Registered Professional Sanitarian.

Installation and maintenance instructions are provided with each type of system.  These more technical manuals and instructions are geared toward best serving the experienced installer.  On-site instruction and assistance are also provided.

Homeowners:  Detailed, step-by-step, instructions are available for the homeowner who desires to install his own system.  We inventory all necessary components for the do-it-yourself homeowner. All services including Soil and Site Evaluations and CAD designs are available separately.

Septic Design

Real Estate




As a part of real estate transactions, some financial institutions are requiring an evaluation of the septic system in addition to the usual inspections of electrical, plumbing, heating and other systems. Regardless of the requirement of the financial institution for a septic system evaluation, having one done is a good idea considering the potential for costly repairs to or replacement of a failing system following the purchase of a home.

Victoria Precision Products provides real estate evaluations by an NAWT* certified Professional Registered Sanitarian.

*National Association of Wastewater Transporters

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